Sunday, February 21, 2010

How about you???

OK, I really didn't think this "fast" thing would last -- 5 kids plus a baby amidst a crazy schedule -- but it IS! And I am so blessed to see the children giving up something in order to more clearly hear from God. Today after church we relaxed for awhile, then when they started saying they were hungry -- "when is our fast done so we can have dinner?" they weren't complaining just asking, it was already after 3:00! I said lets FEAST on the word then we can eat :) Everyone got their bibles and journals ~ we FEASTED on Duet. 26:4-10 and Luke 4:1-13. (I'm not pasting it in today -- go get YOUR bible out!)

Lord, I desire to give you my best, yet too often I listen to the tempters voice -- who twists your words. May I rest in YOUR truth and be able to correct him with Sword of your Spirit. May I daily focus on YOU and follow the light instead of looking down and tripping over my own 2 feet in the dark. I love you Lord.

Maybe posting is holding me accountable! How about you ~ are you fasting from something? I'd love to hear how God is speaking to you today.

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career2homeschoolmom said...

Thanks for sharing! It is an encouragement of how your fast is working and how you are feasting on God's Word!

I am fasting from facebook for Lent. I had intended to spend the time on real relationships instead of lurking on facebook. I hadn't really thought about how I was doing with that until I realized that we've had people over for four days in a row and it will happen again today.