Saturday, December 6, 2008

Humblely Grateful...

do you remember that song?
God has given us so much to be thankful for this year!
We had hoped to get a nice thanksgiving post out but ended up doing a surpirse trip home for the holiday!!! Now that we are all laying around "recovering" thought I would share!
So much fun to see family and shock them by just showing up :) Everyone did great even with the long car ride! So many helpers made it almost easy to travel with a baby again :)

So fun to see many of the cousins, tried to pose all of the K cousins -- well it will only get more exciting with 2 more on the way! The kids enjoyed helping Gr K get Christmas decorations out (since that may not get done here-- good thing they got to help her!)

And so great to see the Q fam too. We enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner with Steve's sisters and much of their families -- as they get older its harder and harder to all get together!
Missed Gr and Gr Q but due to sickness, they decided it was best not to join everyone for the meal. We were able to visit with them everyday while we were up which was a huge blessing for us.

Pile o' boys waiting for yummy Thanksgiving dinner!

And DAD got to carve the turkey!!! He was less than thrilled, but we kept encouraging him and big sisters helped too. Next year I am pretty sure he will make sure Gr Q is there :) or he will come up with some excuess not to be the carver. It tasted delicious (and no one really noticed how it was cut :))

A time to gather together with family and friends
to celebrate the many blessings God has poured on us.
To say Thanks to God for each other and
for all the "stuff" we take so for granted most days!
To be grateful that God has chosen US to live today --
may we be willing to be his servants TODAY!

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