Saturday, December 20, 2008

Winter Wonderland

Who doesn't want a white Christmas? God blessed us with clear roads for our travels. We arrived just after a winter storm layed a blanket of over 1 foot of snow and before another foot is dumped, we're under a winter storm warning today!!! Even some blizzard warnings near here! We made it in the clear 24 hours window between the two storms to drive up - THANK THE LORD!
at Grandpa and Grandpas house look at that snow pile!!!! The kids have enjoyed lots of snow play -- with wind chills below 0 they don't last out for too long but we are definitely getting our fill of snow!
Yes that is MOM on the sled!!! She enjoyed a few toboggan rides down the hill with us too!

Uncle James was having just as much fun "playing" on the 4 wheeler -- or working as he called it! moving lots of snow to make a huge snow pile. All the kids enjoyed rides

How do you dig out of that much snow? No wonder he had snow down his pants!!!!

our little snow angel :)
We'll enjoy some snow for all our southern friends!
Love the frozen flock


Jenna said...

Welcome to back to MI Quakelaar's! Glad that you're enjoying the snow - there sure is plenty to share! Hope that we see you before you go back to Missouri~

Merry Christmas!

career2homeschoolmom said...

Looks like lots of fun! Stay warm and take a few rides down the hill for us!

Jo Ann said...

We are jealous. Having grown up in MN, I have a hard time not having snow for Christmas. It is so cold but it is RAINING! Thanks for the pictures at least!

children of the farm said...

Wow, looks like tons of fun!! We still don't have any snow here, but we're still hoping to get a nice batch before the winter is over;)Miss you all!!