Saturday, December 6, 2008

Its MY TURN...

for the bathroom...we had a first in our house last night, all 7 of us had the FLU! YUCK!
NO fun -- but on the bright side at least its just one "sick" day! and thankfully we have 4 bathrooms! I don't remember the last time we have watched so many movies :) The kids are enjoying that part!

We all slept in the family room -- a big sleepover -- just wasn't quiet as fun!

the friend!

Gabe recovered quickly and was our "snack man".
Thankfully dad had run to the store to get us supplies!!!
You know they are feeling better when they want turns on the computer!

Praying you are all staying healthy!
Love the recovering Quak fam

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Dawn Hall said...

Sorry to hear you were all sick, but at least it was all at one time, huh? At least that way it doesn't take as long to get through the family. Sounds like the Pettijohns had/have it, too. Hopefully you didn't share with us :)