Saturday, December 13, 2008

Prepare your heart...

Don't know about you but we are getting VERY excited for Christmas! Seeing family and friends, great food and lots of treats, time off work, time to be together and celebrate the reason for the season. Many years, I am sad to admit, I got lost in it all -- the preparations, the decorations, making enough cookies for all the cookie exchanges, making sure I have gifts for EVERYONE and my personal weakness -- cute coordinated kids :)

Well, this year for various reasons I seem to have much better perspective. My house is hardly decorated, we didn't make ANY cookies -- someone blessed us with already made cookie dough we just had to bake them and added a few red and green M&Ms to look festive! As for gifts, the gift of being together this year means the world to me and its OK to not have something wrapped -- sorry Sunday school teachers!

As for the coordinating thing... well I am still working on that! We were trying to get a Christmas picture and all I said was "how about red and green" -- the kids came up with the every other thing!!! I guess after enough years of "practice" its ingrained!!! Last year I may have said "the greens aren't the same hue... I am just thankful they are happy healthy and smiling and together!!!
Well this isn't the final so I guess you can have a preview :)
This is the extent of my wrapping so far this year -- no I am NOT giving her away :) The girls are in our church play Sunday -- you'll have to come see if you want to know more!

We enjoyed a live nativity this year -- it was cold but so neat to see live animals and actors and try to picture the reality of our Lord coming here, to earth as a helpless little child. God's greatest gift not wrapped in expensive paper or even topped with a fancy bow --just some swaddling cloth and laying in a manger.

As you prepare for Christmas remember that all the stuff isn't important --
make your heart ready for the best gift ever!
Praying God is REAL to you this season!
Amy Q


Jenna said...

Mrs. Quakelaar,
That is a wonderful reminder! It does seem so easy to get carried away with all the festivities...

The picture looks so cute! Good job:) Can't wait to see you all~


children of the farm said...

What great pictures!! I'll miss you all soo much while you're away in MI. We'll be praying for you! Say hi to everybody for me:)