Saturday, March 13, 2010


We had a day with NOTHING to do! WOW its been awhile! so we (well some of us) enjoyed a PJ day today, mom included!
We got lots of spring cleaning done upstairs today with motivation of company!!!YEAH our friends the Alvaro's are coming to visit this week we can't wait!

We took a day off from our FEAST today and thought you may enjoy some random silliness that was caught on camera recently from our house....enjoy.
Oh we also finally came up with "blog names" so introducing the Quakflock clan: Throw it up "Chuck" (get a few looks when yelling that for his free thows!)
"Tutu" and Dad do glasses REALLY help?
"Ria" impersonating the opossum we recently caught?
"Bernie" -- hey aren't you supposed to fasting???? CAUGHT YA!
"Eugene" I don't even know what to say for this one...
except the camo pants with a hockey shirt give me hope!!!

Reading for today ~ feel free to share your thoughts :)
Hosea 6:1-6
Luke 18:9-14
Have a blessed weekend!


Elizabeth said...

Like the names!! :P Have fun with Alvaros! I know they were really looking forward to seeing you guys!!


miss hazell said...

Loved all the photos! How much fun!!!

Question: did Chuck’s shot go in?