Sunday, March 21, 2010

traveling around a continent...

While our old friends were visiting, we played in the woods
we called it our "continent" We all had a "country" with a friend, which we made signs and houses and lots of stuff in.
We began a few wars but ended up living in peace with one another :)

There were four different country's which were called: Northwood was Chuck, J, Tutu and M's
We put hay as walls in our houses which required some work to gather it in Wheaten country!
Nature's Wood was Ria and E's home and garden they sold plants to all of us!
Wheaten was Bernies, and R's they had a tree fort in the field

Eugene had Burnville by the fire pit he made lots of money selling logs

here Bernie, R, and Eugene are visiting the "town" aka home!
The littles didn't get to leave "town" :) but they sure had fun eating and sleeping!
So precious! Amazing they are 4 months apart but pretty much tied for size! Here is the whole crew, what a wonderful bunch of friends!
So great to connect and enjoy the fellowship with each other yet again!
THANKS Alvaros for making the huge trip to visit us! We used to live just down the street from them and would play wonderful games and enjoyed "recess" together many days in fact our first year we "traveled" (schooled) around the world together!!!
We are so thankful for you wonderful friendships and of course all the chocolate is great too :) We'll travel with you anytime!!! See you in May!

Love ya!

The Quaks


Elizabeth said...

OH, it looks like you all had so much fun!!! I remember when we did ECC and had all our different "countries"... that was such a long time ago!! Glad you all had fun together!


Leah and Abby said...

Hi Quakkids!!

So glad you had fun with alvaros! We need to get all of us together more often!!


Josh said...

What a treat for you all! I'm quite impressed by your play!!! Usually I'm feeling a bit more selfish, like, "okay, time to go outside" While I steal some quiet...miss you friend.

Amy Q said...

E ~ so many fond memories of ECC! a bit sad to be doing it again next year without you!
and Kathy ~ we DID send them outside even though it was cold and rainy! Kari was a good mom and went out to see it :) I didn't even do that -- just sent a camera! so I join you on the selfish stage!
If only our "territories" were really just in the backyard!
Happy travels :)